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VAZZROCK is a unit series under the management of TSUKINO TALENT PRODUCTION and features the units VAZZY and ROCK DOWN. Unlike the ALIVE & ALTAIR THEATER series, the VAZZROCK unit members were not chosen via a Grandprix (fictional or real) and the series as a whole was announced at the 2017 AGF.

Similar to how the TSUKIUTA。 units are themed after the twelve months and the ALIVE/SQ units represent the four elements, the members of VAZZROCK each represent a different gemstone (as seen on their bi-color release). The two units have the same mascot type; VAZZCATs, with each member having their own VAZZCAT named after their representative gemstone.

"Looking for your own unique sparkle... Gathered together are men (proto-stones) with rich personalities."
Vazzrock 2022 profile.png


  • The series' previous catch phrase was: "Looking for your own glow...!"
  • Their series illustrator is natsuo.

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